Luca Casini

After studying art, Luca Casini graduated in Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic in 1996, where he subsequently taught from 2000 to 2002 in the Faculty of Industrial Design. He founded his Design Studio "LUCA CASINI DESIGN STUDIO" in Milan in 1997. In 1998, parallel to the activity in his personal structure, he carried out projects together with Jacob Pringiers with CASINI & PRINGIERS ASSOCIATES until 2004. Subsequently Luca Casini he has collaborated with many important companies in Italy and with important industrial groups abroad, mainly in Germany and the United States, working as an industrial designer in very different sectors. Luca Casini has designed fashion accessories and furniture products, ranging from eyewear to jewelery, from cutlery to handles to furniture, even limited edition artistic ones. The CASINI STUDIO® section, registered trademark of Luca Casini, has developed, in collaboration with the research and development and marketing offices of its customers, consumer products and technological products in various sectors.

Luca Casini has received multiple international awards and some of his works have been exhibited in exhibitions and museums in Italy and abroad. His works have been published in the main trade magazines. He has received awards such as the Good Design Award, II Red Dot Design Award (6 awards), the Design Plus, the Baden Wuerttenberg Design Award, the Home & Trend Award, the Trend Product of the Year, as well as other awards also in the scope of design.

Luca Casini's design path is characterized by a linear but also eclectic expressive language in tune with the richness and complexity of our historical moment. The constant care in the elegance of the sign and in the harmony of the forms remain a minimum common denominator of his work.

Luca Casini has collaborated with major design companies including: Olivari, Fiam Italia, Pedrali, WMF, Asa Selection, Daa Italia, Folle, Arcade, Dupont ™ De Nemours, Riva, Jannelli & Volpi, Luxottica Group, Confalonieri.

Luca Casini is enrolled in the Order of Architects of the Province of Milan with registration number 17404, he took the State Exam for the qualification to practice as an Architect in the First Session 1997.

Luca Casini's works have been cited and published in the main sector magazines including: Interni Magazine, Domus, Abitare, Elle Decor, AD, Casamica, Ville & Casali, Icon, Wallpaper, Interior Design Magazine, L'Officiel Design, Raum und Wohnen

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