designer with Apulian origins,
he moved to Pescara where he studied Architecture, graduating with a thesis on "La salle de bain in Le Corbusier's architecture".
Also in Pescara he joined the studio founded by Enzo Calabrese with whom he signed projects produced by companies such as Listone Giordano, Lema, L'Abbate, Covo, Rapsel.

The B: Room project, created for Listone Giordano is selected for the 2007 Compasso d'oro.

In 2012 he founded the eF / eM studio which in 2015 he moved to Genoa, the city where he lives.

Recently, he has started new collaborations with other companies, including: Atipico, Fermob and Serax.

The distinctive and characterizing trait of his projects is the versatile and explicit linearity.

Always looking for a discreet, elegant, practical design with simple details but with an ingenious spirit.


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