Young Italian studio dealing with architecture, interiors and product design.
Expression of the synergy created by its founders, Giancarlo Bellavista and Matteo Piccini.
Giancarlo was born in Naples in 1976, trained at Federico II with Riccardo Dalisi he graduated in 2003, Matteo Piccini was born in Giussano in 1982 and trained at the Milan Polytechnic with Pierluigi Cerri he graduated in 2007. A heterogeneous mix of rigor and eclecticism is at the basis of the studio's philosophy, which interprets design as a confluence of multiple disciplines ranging from art to literature. The studio collaborates with design companies such as Minotti Italia, Mogg, London Art, Colè Italia, Pacini & amp; Cappellini, Texturae, Da a Italia, Riva 1920 and Mabele. They are present at the most important national and international trade fairs in the Maison & amp; sector. Objet-Paris, Milan International Furniture Fair, Imm Cologne.